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About Mr. Greve August 17, 2008

Childhood & Education

I was born near Chicago, Illinois, spent a little time in Traverse City but have spent most of my life in the Lansing area.  I spent all of my elementary and middle school life attending Lutheran Schools, including Our Savior Lutheran School in Lansing (now located in Grand Ledge) where my mom teaches.  I later transferred to Everett High School.

After graduating, I spent a year studying in a Spanish High School, Instituto Francisco Cascales (pic), and lived with a local family in the city of Murcia (slideshow).

When I came back to the States, I attended Lansing Community College, for two years and took a few classes at MSU.  Then I transferred to Central Michigan University where I studied Spanish and French.  Through CMU, I was able to spend another year in Spain to study Spanish and I was able to go on two summer French programs in Annecy, France and Chicoutimi, Quebec where I also lived with local families.

The Teaching Life

Before graduating from Central, I completed a fantastic student teaching experience at Potterville High School under Jim Manning.  I consider myself fortunate to have quickly landed a teaching position here at Williamston.  This is my fourth year at WHS and I can truly say that I am proud to call myself a Hornet.

I loved my time abroad, travelling and getting to know the cultures from the inside (rather than as a tourist).  One of my hopes as a French and Spanish teacher is that I can inspire others to study/live abroad when they go onto college, be that in Spanish/French Speaking country, or any foreign country for that matter.  There is a great big world waiting for us to discover beyond our boarders.

Right now, I am in the middle of completing a Masters in the Art of Education.


I’ve been happily married since summer of ’06.  My wife shares my love for travelling and so far we have been able to visit Puerto Rico and Spain.  We live in the Lansing area and are proud parents of our new son, Matias, born April of ’08.


Apart from my family, my interests include languages, religion, politics and society (especially international), travelling and learning how to use technology.  Now, I never said I was a particularly GOOD at this whole technology thing, so bear with me as I learn how to use this site.  I hope to get pictures and other useful things on these pages as time permits me to learn.  Patience, Daniel-san!